A new happy ending to little red riding hood !

A new happy ending to little red riding hood? in order to thank the young volunteers that helped livorno during the September flood, two murales were created; one of them is representing “the little red riding hood” feeding the wolves, thanks “bimbi motosi” (the mud kids)! #livorno #leghorn #flood #bimbimotosi #thankyou #grazie #thelittleredridinghood #cappuccettorosso #cesvot […]

the very first post! cappuccino with sfoglia alla ricotta ;-)

The very first post isn’t an easy thing: do I have to be serious, entertaining or what else? Being my blog about Tuscany is in my personal own way of living and seeing my region…. and being today also my birthday I start my blog with something that I really love: the Italian breakfast! Always […]