Wandering Florence

The perfect way to discover the city, expecially if this is  your first time in the city. We will see the most important highlights(the Duomo complex, Piazza della Signoria,Ponte Vecchio talk about its fun facts, taste a good gelato or have agood Italian coffèe

Let's food!

Of course when you are in Tuscany (well generally in Italy) you can't miss the food and wine culture; Starting from a good cappucino ending with a fresh homemade gelato, if you are interested in our local food markets, flavours and colors please tell me.

Livorno, the open city

Livorno, the harbour town of Tuscany,, tis the first one you meet if you are on a cruise. If you decide to stay here you will discover a little treasure with its interesting hystory started by the Medici family the open city to different religions and cultures...We will see the city downtown and we will end at the local central market.

The Classics

when you visit Florence, Michelangelo's David is going to be a lefetime memory, if you love art you can't miss the Uffizi Gallery with Botticelli, Leonardo, Michelangelo (just to name some...) but you can see other treasures like the Duomo Complex, the Medici Chapel, the Boboli Garden, the Brancacci Chapel.....