a room with a view

One doesn’t come to Italy for niceness, one comes for life. Buon giorno! Buon giorno! Florence has always been a natural book, novel, movie or tv series set. One of my first movie meemories is James Ivory’s  movie”A Room with a View”, adapted form E.M. Foster novel. The young English Lucy Honeychurch’s trip to Italy […]


Good evening! Looking back at my previous blog I created many years ago about the passion that later would enable me to become a tour guide, I found the video of this Tuscan band called “Negrita” called “Magnolia”, a very popular summer hit in 2003, taken from theis CD “Ehi Negrita!”.  I love this group, […]

the very first post! cappuccino with sfoglia alla ricotta ;-)

The very first post isn’t an easy thing: do I have to be serious, entertaining or what else? Being my blog about Tuscany is in my personal own way of living and seeing my region…. and being today also my birthday I start my blog with something that I really love: the Italian breakfast! Always […]