Labour Day

(Italy as a protected area day 53)

Italy as Protected Area day 53…I know, I haven’t written for a while but life under quarantine just goes on as always, thinking about health and economical issues…and today it is Labour Day. Normally here in this part of Italy, you would have gone to the beach for a picnic with friends. The countryside, sun and wind, the salty air…ok too much “Under the Tuscan Sun” style but trust me 😉 Or see the “Concertone” with our most known rock and indie musicians fro Rome…

From Monday 4th we will begin the so called “Stage or Phase 2”:

  • some more little openings to our social life but always wearing a mask and keep a social distance
  • some major industrial productions will be back to work keep the social distance
  • cafeterias will be open only for take away
  • we can walk in hour city (this means I cannot drive to a place and there you can walk in a park, you have to walk to the park…)
  • we can bike
  • some parks are going to be opened but with controls at the entrance

And of course we are dealing with an economical crisis. About tourism…we know that until the situation will be safer all around the world it is really difficult to make plans in travelling. Here in Italy museums will maybe be reopened again on 18th May. What is sure at the moment is the fact that we shold make changes in our way to visit places, cities…for example reducing the number of people that could for a group visiting a place, a museum…

Since February practically our way of living has turned upside down….Personally I could share my life “bc” or “ac” with the c stanting for coronavirus and it is difficult to have a concrete vision on our working world. We will see pratically these changes as they are going to be decided and of course there is a big concern: tourism is the 15% of the Italian GDP. More a local tourism, little groups even to grant social distance and in the need to know more locally. We will update about it.

Of course during these weeks wachting movies and tv shows has been a major activity. And reading I have found this articles talking about 41 movies you should watch if you are dreming of coming to Italy. It is a good way to see the country ,-)

Please find the article here :

And prepare popcorns and a good cake and coffee!

Io resto a casa, Stay Home, Yo me quedo en casa, Restez chez vous!