With my own two hands..or better Happy Easter!

Italy as protected area day 34 or better Easter Day! At New Years Eve, who would have thought what we are living right now? Who knows. Maybe somebody. But let’s move up to the present time: in this part of Italy it is a pretty warm springtime day. Normally we would have spent our lunch with our families and due to the lockdown everybody is staying home. Personally I have dreamt of my mamma’s lasagna seeing that from my mobile.

But to tell you the truth I has been a serene day until now. Talking with family and friends, asking them “Come stai? Cosa mangi?” (“how are you? what are you going to eat?”) it our way to share together this moment..distant but united. If you have the gift of faith today has been a strange day, all the churches were closed. The Italian State Television broadcasted the mess from a wide Vatican. Very unusual sensation because normally the kids would have attended the mess to have their eggs blessed.

At the end of the road you can see my district church, San Ferdinando, closed to the public. You cross the steet: no traffic, no people..but you have to say “We are ok and thanks for it”. In a few minutes our Italian Civil Protection will give the updated news about the spread. nubers are slightly going down…

Reading again these posts I can see that I talk often about food. I can’t escape it or better this is even a way to talk about what is changing in our life. I wrote about the search for flour and yeast, it is even the necessity to spare because the economical situation is uncertain. And even because one of the recommandations of the Ministry of Healh is to eat in a healthy way. It is a way to spend time with yourself and family and even proving that after seeing the entire 10th Masterchef, you can try to beat its hosts. But surprisingly we are back to basic: pizza, pasta, cakes, bread.

And of course, I am trying to take part in this virtual big Italian table. And in the picture you can see my yesterday pizza dough. Kneading flour, yeast, water…is a kind of a Zen exercise. You put together basic elements together to make essential food.And it is made with “My own two hands” as Ben Haper sings. Hands that you can’t shake, you can’t hug but you use to take care 😉 And singing it while making pizza made it enjoyable.

Ben’s song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEnfy9qfdaU

I end this post with a pizza recipe taken from one of the best Italian food bloggers I could suggest, Giulia Scarpaleggia from “Juls Kitchen”: she and her husband Tommaso live in Colle Val d?Elsa, in the Tuscan countryside where they make their own Tuscan cooking class. Please find Giulia’s recipe here: https://en.julskitchen.com/bread/then-comes-the-pizza

Io resto a casa, Stay Home, Yo me quedo en casa, Restez chez vous 😉