Come together

(italy as protected area day 25)

Italy as protected area day 25…Officially the lockdown will go on until 13th April, just after Easter. But this morning as the news were running , it was said it could go on until 1st May. Patience is a great gift and we must think that we have to respect these rules in order to help the medical front line.

“Come together” now it is not only one of the most famous Beatles song is a kind of mantra. Cooperation, co-action, sharing (the Italian word is “condivisione”), companatico (from the Latin “cum panis”, with bread…). The suffix “co” is just fundamental: it means together, it means sharing,…

In the very first days of the lockdown we used to have flashmobs from balconies and windows.Nowadays we prefer other ways to share and this 6 pm virtual meetings stopped in certain areas of Italy as a sign of grief for our dead people.Or they go on in a quieter and sober way.

How could you come together in these difficult times? This is a positive side to live in a world wide web era. Sharing ideas, pictures, sensations is easy. And not only in Italy: family memories, food, culture, music, creativity are shared with generosity

This morning I have read this article written by Livia Hengel published on “Forbes”: “How Italy Is Inspiring The World By Coming Together Through Culture”. More than ever quite everything becomes cultural sharing even in a funny and creative way. Among the ones listed in the artcle you can find two collegues of mine, Luca and Laureen with their art photo project.

Please read the article here http://How Italy Is Inspiring The World By Coming Together Through Culture

I would add some other examples made by Italian people like the father and son duo playing from a terrace facing one of the most known squares in Roma, Piazza Navona. Jacopo, a young guitar player, is filmed by his dad Fabio. Every evening at 7 pm he plays in front of a desert Navona square, there is an emotional tribute to our music heritage. I link you this article taken from Virgin Radio Italy where you can see Jacopo playing Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack of “C’era una volta in America” (Once upon a time in America). This movie is one of the greatest Sergio Leone’s movie with Robert De Niro, James Wood, Jennifer Connelly…and one of the most known Italian cinema pieces.

Please listen Jacopo here 😉

Io resto a casa, Yo me quedo en casa, Stay home, Reste chez toi!