A letter from the future

Italy as protected area day 19.

Almost three weeks! When we first heard this news from China, we just underestimated it. Too far away, another continent, it is a big country, it is not to happen here… But then you find yourself in the middle of it. Hearing news from all over the world you just notice the same behaviour and you can’t explain yourself why.

We live in the world of Information

Many readings, many news, many debates and tv shows. You try to follow the suggestions psycologists are giving us: concentrate your news flow one specific moment in the day and from authoritative sources. But everything around you, Instagram, Facebook are neverending quarantine diaries. As Italians we are sometimes gifted by an serious sense of irony that helps us in going through difficult situations.So today a friend of mine posted this article written by a famous Italian writer, Francesca Melandri, for “The Guardian”: she described our situation in a smart, ironic and realistic way!

We have only and just lived this before you…No merit in it, only a matter of time.

The title is “A letter to the UK from Italy: this is what we know about your future”…I think that everybody in Italy or anywhere in the world would not ever imagine something like that. We are not fortunetelles, we have lived it only after Chine and South Korea . Please find the article on the following link and a suggestion: before going on reading my post please read Francesca ‘s article.


Personally I have to thank Francesca for this intelligent article on our lockdown, on everybody’s quarantine..So I have thought about my life.

.Let’s read it step by step:

  • I have found some groups with tutorials but I am not able to follow them all. Better to focus only on your sincere interests
  • We eat, we cook and we will become 5 stars chefs. The very first things we ask after “How are you?” is “Have you eaten?”. It is a way to take care . In our cities we have social kitchens and volunteers are making an incredible work for poor people, homeless ones…
  • I don’t read apocalyptic books or see this kind of movies or tv series. We are living this reality so we need to make a little bit lighter
  • You will find yourself debating about new political scenes or the haircut of our prime minister Giuseppe Conte
  • I have given myself a personal rule: I am connected with family, friends so let’s videocalls but I am trying not to get overwhelmed by this communication flow.
  • I am worried for beaten women, homeless people, I have felt vulnerable walking alone in the street and I wonder what is going to happen
  • I have finished my second round of home cleaning..what a gym! And I found an incredible site for yoga “La scimmia yoga” (The yoga monkey): concentrating on my breath helps me in discarcharge my mind
  • I have normally a big sense of irony (Alanis Morrisette’s “Ironic” is one of my mantras) so I just laugh, more often than my usual!
  • I just say hello to one of my best friends from 300 meters distance, like a friendship “Romeo and Juliet” balcony scene, just to sey “Ciao!”
  • I count the things I don’t need and the ones I love
  • In hard situations our true nature come out, the same is happening now 😉
  • Empathy is a great gift in life
  • you find yourself divided into two rational thinkings: “we must do this quarantine for our health” and “I have just received my electricity bill right now…damn!”
  • I tought to be an Opera singer like Andrea Bocelli but yesterday I saw a video posted by a friend of mine cleaning his flat like Mrs Doubtfire at the sound of Aerosmith’s “Dude (looks like a lady)”…I am torn between my different music moods.
  • Me and some friends of mine really had some problems in convincing our elder parents not to go out even for food shopping…We have exchanged our positions: they were the teen agers asking us to go out
  • I know that we have to stay at home thinking always at people in ICU
  • I will be always grateful yo have a public health system! Always!
  • As the Pope told yesterday in his wonderful speech from Saint Peter’s Square “Nobody is going to save himself alone”
  • Class and economical status can help you in facing this situation

And to end this long post I know that I won’t be the same, you won’t be the same, the entire world is going to change. I know I have written a lot but the writer made me think about this period of our life. Maybe are we going to remind it with Queen’s word in “Those are the days of our lives”? Maybe…a time when you discover a more sincere approach to life.

Thanks again Francesca Melandri for writing and sharing your thoughts.

Io resto a casa, Yo me quedo en casa, Stay home, Reste chez toi!