Strawberries & Breathe forever <3

(italy as protected area day 15)

Italy as protected area day 15. The 6 pm press conference of our Civil Protection the numbers of contaminated people are slightly go down, the number of death people increasing…everyday at 6 pm we stop to hear these information…you just hold on your breath listening to these numbers.

And yesterday the so called patient number 1, Mattia 38 years old, was finally dismissed. This young man is going to be dad pretty soon but his dad died because of this virus…He gave a brief interview and he told a very emotional, basic and simple truths: ”life is breathing”,. life is simple, life is essential…and we should go back to basics.

He thanked the doctors, nurses and paramedics that saved his live in the hospitals of Pavia and Codogno (the first Italian cluster). His vibrant voice just told us to prevent and block this virus.

If you want to hear Mattia’s voice please click here:–state-in-casa-io-sono-stato-curato-ma-ora-potrebbe-non-essere-garantito/111817/111825?

We take for granted our breathe, we quite forget it. It is a silent sountrack of our life. Sometimes as a swimmer I concentrate myself on my breath while walking, esating, relaxing..and today I have done it,even more concentrating. I just feel the air and I know that I am alive, we know we are alive.

So Mattia’s words are like a mantra for me (not oly today, to tell you the truth) Today my simple things are strawberries with lemon juice and childhood, family, life? Even Tuscany…

Io resto a casa, yo me quedo en casa, stay home, je reste chez moi!