Mindfulness & Wonder…

Italy as protected are day 14, two weeks! Who could have ever imagined what is happening right now? As western countries we do live many things but not such this violent virus spread. In the past 50 years the other spreads haven’t reached all this portion of population and countries. But yesterday at the 6 pm press conference, the Italian Civil Protection communicated that numbers were slight positive. Less people infected by the virus in a day, the same has happened today.

Saturday evening the prime minister Conte comunicated more restrictions on industrial productions for almost two weeks, until 3rd April…so we just make our own personal countdowns. We slighty wonder when the numbers go down and you wait till the next press conference to tell yourself “Ok maybe we will get out of this”.

A new sense of time, new personal countdowns, a new daily routine we are still adjusting with some difficulties. You miss your personal freedom of movement. You have to find other ways to deal with it. Instagram or any kind of sites offer a great amount of things to do: cleaning ,cooking, virtual visits in art museums… You can really learn to do quite everything. It is a way to overcome the physical distance, the sensation to be still part of a space, of a community.

Tv shows or magazines are full of suggestions on how to face and overcome this moment: this sense of being lost in a frozen time and moving only in your square meter. Personally I try to be informed about the news but trying also to concentrate on concrete things: very simple ones like breathing, cooking, cleaning, communicating, writing, reading…a personal mindfulness.

And I have a pile of books to be finished. One of them is RJ Palacio’s “Wonder”. I really admire the protagonist Auggie’s resiience, his way to face the new situations like being for the very first time in a class, with other students. I just admire his way to grown up accepting things that he can’t change but working in finding other options. Maybe should we adopt the same way to face reality even when is hard to face? In this very exact moment I think there is no other option. And he is an incredible example in being resilient like many other people living their own personal disabilities, illness, bad moments… The idea is really expressed in this Italian proverb “When life gives you only lemens, do lemonades”.

A personal message: I know this should be a tourist guide blog, inviting you to come and visit Tuscany and of course it is still this kind of blog. But for now we just have to go through this. Tuscany is still here and will be here so just come when everything will be safer.

Io resto a casa, Yo me quedo en casa, Stay home, Je reste chez moi!