Normality…what a wonderful word ;-)

(Italy as a protected area day 12)

Italy as a protected area day 12. Some people tell that in bad times you should not focus on the things you miss. Personally in a situation like this I simply miss basic and simple ones like walking! Today is the very first Sunday of springtime, very sunny outside. You look out of the window and you tell yourself : “One of the first things I am going to do, when all this will be over, is to have a nice walking by the sea”

This pic was taken one of the last times I went to Terrazza Mascagni, one of the sea promenades of my city. I use to go there and walk, feel the weather, sun or wind, cloudy or warm temperatures. This is the place where every “livornese” learns to walk, to ride the bike, to skate. As a kid you used the chess pavement to play with other kids in very magical games.You see dogs walking like on a catwalk..a kind of theatre!

Normally you can see street artists doing their clown shows, the balloons sellers, there is the local Aquarium, some cafeterias… One of the heart of this city like in every community. Normal life, daily life.. Best things in life are free and this terrace in one of my best free things in my life.

So “normal” becomes a word full of new meanings and you hope to go back to your normal life. But after this, what would be the new meaning of “normal”, “daily”? Now we discover new meaning for these words: line up for the supermarkets, the daily calls with family and friends, the daily press conference of our Civil Protection…

The second Saturday of the total and national lockdown. In this very exact moment I am watching the television news: in China there are no more cases but in the rest of the world this virus is making its way. We say that this is a war but we can stay in our own houses, we have food, we have our friends and families..let’s hope to get out of this soon…

Io resto a casa, Stay home, Yo me quedo en case, Je reste chez moi!