The Clockmaker!

people from livorno

There are certain kinds of shops that are disappearing or changing because of our technical evolution. We used to have mechanical clocks but now with our mobiles those sounding machines, underlining the passing of the time sometimes could appear useless, meaningless…

Personally when I see an “old kind of shop” I like to observe it and the people working there. It seems that they keep the secrets of something magical, an antique knowledge that must be saved, somehow! If you visit the Central Market (the local food market)  in Livorno you will see this clockmaker shop, entirely protected by glasses and this ancient man, always with his hat staying and working in it. Sometimes I wonder if this elegant man has the power to stop, or change the time, if he can create a time machine….why not? 

And in Florence you can find an “orologiaro” named Botticelli…

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