Street art in Florence ;-) Tommaso Brogini

Here we are! Back again 😉 The high season at end, cozy atmospheres and Christmas Eve on the way. It is time to recharge the batteries, to relax but also to study and update, also my blog! Going back on writing, choosing pictures and describing my territory. One of the things I love the most […]

Elena Ferrante’s Naples : a photo wandering guide!

(not only Tuscany)
A novel, a book, a song…sometimes can be the excuse to plan a visit! Sometimes we travel in cities or places thanks to TV series, movies or pages. Personallythe first Isabel Allende’s books made me wish to take a plane and visit Chile, I fell in love with Australia thanks to INXS and Nick Cave, […]

The Florentine Cupid!

(people from florence)
My passion for photography is very linked to portraits and daily life. When I do tours in Florence one of the details I underline the most are street artists, painters, musicians or performers. This is part of the soul of this city. Or maybe a playful detail to see and observe, a moment when your […]

Livorno portraits

(people from livorno)
When I walk in a city I always observe the people working, expecially the old ones. I just imagine they have a special knowlegde and they take care of what they are doing. I always ask them sorry to take picture of them but personally I think photography is a great way to preserve memories […]

The climbing cat

(strike the catpose in Siena!)
Strike the catpose? #siena #toscana #tuscany #italia #italy #whatitalyis #cat #gatto #photography #catlovers #window #finestra #igerssiena #igerstoscana #igersitalia #tourguide #guidaturistica #nofilter #duomo Un post condiviso da The Tuscan Sunflower (@the_tuscan_sunflower) in data: 27 Ago 2017 alle ore 05:52 PDT Well wandering and getting lost in the cities mean observing some curious details. Being passionate about […]

A new happy ending to little red riding hood !

A new happy ending to little red riding hood? in order to thank the young volunteers that helped livorno during the September flood, two murales were created; one of them is representing “the little red riding hood” feeding the wolves, thanks “bimbi motosi” (the mud kids)! #livorno #leghorn #flood #bimbimotosi #thankyou #grazie #thelittleredridinghood #cappuccettorosso #cesvot […]