Explaining Coronavirus to kids

(Italy as a protected area day 7)

Italy as protected area day 7. The news are not encouraging not only in Italy but all over the world. How could we explain to kids what it is happening? The webmagazine Ohga! filmed this video with a funny kid explaining what is happening, in a direct and simple way. This video is subtitled in […]

The kids wondertaxi!

(tuscan people)

In Florence there is one of the most known Italian public paediatric hospitals, a national reference for complex cases. This hospital is called Meyer and gives care and assistance to very young patients and their families.While you are in Florence it can happen to see a very colourful taxi, called “Milano 25” with some comics […]

The Carousel!

(a kids time machine in the heart of Florence)

#firenze #florence #toscana #tuscany #giostra #carousel #piazzadellarepubblica #cavalli #horses #igersfirenze #igerstoscana Un post condiviso da The Tuscan Sunflower (@the_tuscan_sunflower) in data: 3 Nov 2014 alle ore 13:01 PST Piazza della Repubblica in Florence is the place where the roman veterans created a military camp in 59 b.C.. Today is one of the hearts of the […]