Food & pics: what a passion!

(eating also with eyes)
It is a long time since I have written my last post but this period is our low season, so I take time to relax, dedicate myself to my dear ones and passions and also to read, study and doing some courses. Never taken for granted what I have studied for my guide course, I […]

Happy Zucca! (it is pumpkin Halloween time!)

risotto or dolcetto? that's the problem! happy halloween!
It’s Halloween! Also also here in Italy we are covered by orange pumpkins everywhere, real yummy and vegetable ones (and to tell tou the truth I see them more in a risotto than a faced one with curved eyes and a mouth) and also marzipan ones called “fruttini” (little fruits) we use to make for […]

A glass full of irony!

(sail with the wine ;-) )
Tuscan people are known for their sense of irony so they apply it in every aspect of life: politics, their own life and food too. Talking about slow tourism, as we did yesterday with this post A bunch made of artichokes  here in the pic you can see a tip suggested in a florentine restaurant “No […]

A bunch made of artichokes!

unusual bunches of vegetable flowers!
Saturday morning! It’s almost market’time where you go and buy fresh products from the sellers. Artichokes are ones of my favourite vegetables and finding and trying new recipes with them is always yummy. Here in Italy we have some little shops called “verduraio” or “fruttivendolo” (groceries) and some of them sell directly from the producers. […]

Cakes swwweeeettt cakes!

a visual map and guide to italian cakes ;-)
Just in case you visit Italy from north to south or viceversa and you love cakes, the “Newyorker” has published a visual guide to Italian Sweets: some of them are known all over the nation, some only in certain areas or in certain periods but when you visit Italy one compulsory thing is a pastry […]

“I cinque grani” (the five grains)

a little California corner in Livorno
Having a little handmade blog means also to be curious about your own place. So today I have discovered a new place in town called “I Cinque Grani”, a little piece of California in Livorno downtown, and exactly in Via Cairoli. Piero, an engineer from Livorno, decided to come back to his hometown with his […]

zucca time!

Zucca world?#zucca #pumpkin #food #cibo #fall #autumn #foodporn #igersfood #foodlover #life #vita Un post condiviso da The Tuscan Sunflower (@the_tuscan_sunflower) in data: 18 Set 2017 alle ore 04:39 PDT Zucca everywhere! Autumn and its warm colours and seeing them in a food market is like a confort zone area for the soul. Pumpkin is one […]

a bowl full of frati!

A bowl full of “frati”?when you visit livorno just taste this very yummy fried doughnut at Antica Friggitoria! #livorno #leghorn #frati #food #cibo #foodporn #frieddough #igersitalia #igerslivorno #igerstoscana #whatitalyis #anticafriggitoria #piazzacavallotti Un post condiviso da The Tuscan Sunflower (@the_tuscan_sunflower) in data: 6 Ott 2017 alle ore 05:02 PDT Autumn has just begun and one of […]


Pomegranate time? #pomegranate #melograno #fruit #frutto #toscana #marinadibibbona #food #foodporn #autunno #fall #autumn #passion #passione #life #vita #igersfoodie #igersfood #foodie #igersitalia #igerslivorno #igerstoscana #whatitalyis Un post condiviso da The Tuscan Sunflower (@the_tuscan_sunflower) in data: 2 Ott 2017 alle ore 11:45 PDT It’s autumn time and if yu go to any Tuscan food market you can […]

the very first post! cappuccino with sfoglia alla ricotta ;-)

The very first post isn’t an easy thing: do I have to be serious, entertaining or what else? Being my blog about Tuscany is in my personal own way of living and seeing my region…. and being today also my birthday I start my blog with something that I really love: the Italian breakfast! Always […]