The Duomo Complex

The Cathedral, the Baptistery and the magnificent museum dedicated to this incredible square, hosting the reproduction in real shape of the Cathedral facade, the original doors of the Baptistery and the “Pietà Bandini” made by Michelangelo.

The Foodies!

Take your time to explore the local food markets in Florence or in Livorno: art, history, daily life and food

Other Tuscan Places!

Tuscany is not only Florence…so if you want to visit Lucca, trying to solve the Leaning Tower mistery in Pisa or visit the marble caves in Carrara, please ask me: I will give you the name of my collegues doing tours in these places.

Wandering Florence

The right tour to discover the city in a very relaxed way, not only art and history but also curious things about it (food, handscraft and daily life)

Livorno, the door to Tuscany

The harbour of Tuscany is an hidden and surprising treasure to be discovered, if you arrive here with your cruise do it!

The Classics

Florence and its most important museums: the Accademia (the “David’s museum”), the Uffizi Gallery, Palazzo Vecchio….

Why not?

Tuscany is something that must be discovered also in a practical way…Do you want to take a cooking lesson or ask information about an handscraft activity like textile painting? Are you looking for a photo shooting walking tour? Are travelling all around Italy and you are looking for other guides? Just feel free to ask 😉


Florence and Tuscany are full of little gems to be discovered: Boboli garden, the Museum of Costume and Fashion, the Medici Chapel, San Lorenzo church…