Tex Willer will save us!

(just put a mask on botticelli)
Happy New Year! Buon Anno!Blub, one of my favourite street artists has created a new drawing! Just remeber, Blub is the Florentine street artist that use to draw his character underwater and sometimes with a mask. Here we are with Tex Willer, the character created by Gian Luigi Bonelli and still edited by Sergio Bonelli. […]

The kids wondertaxi!

(tuscan people)
In Florence there is one of the most known Italian public paediatric hospitals, a national reference for complex cases. This hospital is called Meyer and gives care and assistance to very young patients and their families.While you are in Florence it can happen to see a very colourful taxi, called “Milano 25” with some comics […]

The cinquecento in Florence. From Michelangelo and Pontormo to Giambologna

(on michelangelo's footsteps)
Florence is the cradle city of Reneissance, Rinascimento in Italian, a word that has a wishful meaning: rebith, flowering. Many of the tourists I have been walking around with in the city, tell me “I can’t imagine I am walking on Michelangelo’s footsteps”. Yes sometimes I do have the same sensation, just looking around the […]

Blub: Art can swim!

(just put a mask on botticelli)
The importance of art in Florence is also shown in street art! While walking in Florence you find this “new” art everywhere…and we begin our trip inside it with Blub, a florentine artist that enjoys portraing famus people and paintings with underwater masks! His motto is “l’arte sa nuotare” that means “art can swim”: I […]

It’s Christmas light!

(jingle bells florence)
Well, just exactly 1 month to Christmas days and our cities can’t escape the atmosphere! Also Florence and its downtown must follow this “rule”! Every year the building that nowadays hosts the florentine branch of “La Rinascente”, the most elegant department store, is always covered by a thick net of lights that makes it shining!So […]

The Florentine Cupid!

(people from florence)
My passion for photography is very linked to portraits and daily life. When I do tours in Florence one of the details I underline the most are street artists, painters, musicians or performers. This is part of the soul of this city. Or maybe a playful detail to see and observe, a moment when your […]

Visiting Florence with Pimpa!

follow Pimpa's red dots in Florence
Florence for kids😄#guidaturistica #tourguide #firenze #florence #toscana #tuscany #italia #italy #igersfirenze #igerstoscana #igersitaly #ig_italia #ig_toscana #pimpa #lapimpa #altan #fumetto #cartoon #kidstours #tourguide #guidaturistica #kids #bambini #familytours Un post condiviso da The Tuscan Sunflower (@the_tuscan_sunflower) in data: 19 Mar 2017 alle ore 06:16 PDT Visiting an historical and artistic city like Rome, Florence or Milan is […]

The Wine Windows!

( just knock on the door and wine would be served ;-) )
Knock Knock! Wine is Here!Well going around Florence downtown you can notice little windows, underlined by an Italian word “vino”…and why do we have all these little window? Maybe still nowadays they have something to do with wine? In Italian they are called “buchette” or “finestre del vino” and they were used to sell…guess what? […]

The Carousel!

(a kids time machine in the heart of Florence)
#firenze #florence #toscana #tuscany #giostra #carousel #piazzadellarepubblica #cavalli #horses #igersfirenze #igerstoscana Un post condiviso da The Tuscan Sunflower (@the_tuscan_sunflower) in data: 3 Nov 2014 alle ore 13:01 PST Piazza della Repubblica in Florence is the place where the roman veterans created a military camp in 59 b.C.. Today is one of the hearts of the […]

The Art Corner!

(how artists create one day masterpieces)
The girls with the pearl earrings #florence #firenze #streetart #girlwithapearlearring #tuscany #toscana #art #arte #igersart #igersfirenze #igerstoscana #igersitalia #whatitalyis #tourguide #guidaturistica #dailylife Un post condiviso da The Tuscan Sunflower (@the_tuscan_sunflower) in data: 8 Set 2017 alle ore 13:46 PDT Florence is art, art is everywhere…and of course you can see street artists everywhere in downtown. […]