About me ;-)


Ciao! My name is Francesca and I am a licensed tourist guide for Florence and its province. I am authorised for English, Spanish, French and of course Italian language 😉 By request I do tours in Pisa, Lucca and Livorno. And if I am not available I could help you finding other great guides.

Many many years ago I was lucky enough to win a scholarship with AFS- Intercultura and so I arrived in Australia and exactly in Perth (Western Australia) for one of the most important experiences in my life: being an exchange student. That led me a great curiosity for other cultures, travelling, and photography and mixed with the fact that my family came from the southern part of Italy, where food is a serious thing, here we are! A tour guide that loves to talk not only about art and history but also about our daily life, food, pastry production...anything that makes Tuscany such a special place!

Let's beging with my ten reasons why you should visit Tuscany: the order is not sooooo important!

- a good plate of pasta with vongole (small clams) with a good glass of white wine on the beach in Marina di Bibbona (Livorno)

- have a walk in Bolgheri, surrounded by the wineyards

- focaccia with lardo di colonnata

- the "Lippina" painted by Fra Filippo Lippi at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

- the wild Maremma, the southern part of Tuscany

- Bagno Vignoni, the little hamlet and its hot springs

- Niki de Saint Phalle's Tarot Garden in Capalbio

- eating the frate (fried doughtnut) in Livorno

- talking with the farmers, the winemakers...in the Tuscan countryside

- Lucca during the "Comics"

Of course there are almost one hundred more! We will talk about them in the blog and if you love to discover an unusual and off the beaten tracks Tuscany (sometimes)  you are in the right place.