(Italy as a protected area day 28)

Italy as protected area day 28! A month! Ok when our prime minister Giuseppe Conte told us about the national lockdown we truly hoped that it would have finished on 3rd April but here we are…let’s hold on!

One of the questions that arise during this period is: what can we do in order to help? In a practical and even to lift up the moral?

Volunterreing is a big part of our being community. In many places we have a very nice habbit called “spesa in sopseso” (pending food shopping) . It was a tradition started in Naples, when you left a coffee or a breakfat paid for the poor people, now we extend this “tradition” to food shopping, buying pasta, milk, tuna, flour…for people in need. And with the economical shut down solidarity is fundamental.

Volunteers take the food to senior people that cannot go out. Volunteers take care of homeless people. We are ven rediscovering the idea of neightborhood..not in a perfect way but in a concrete way. I link you this article taken from “The Local” about the solidarity basket in Naples…you think abou it all over the country.

The solidarity basket:

There is an image that went viral last days: some superheroes wearing a mask and among them a doctor. The author is a self-taught artist Chiara Bigatti. Chiara is from the province pf Brescia, one of the most hitten areas in Italy and she created this emotional drawing as a thanks to the people in front lines. ( A very important thing: Chiara hasn’t authorisd anybody to sell this image, it is her property…)

Please have a look at Chiara drawing here:

And also music is a way to react. I wrote about the flashmobs, the various Italian artists streaming music, theater pieces…Opera! 700 young kids from many countries were reunited by the association “Europa in Canto” singing Giacomo Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma”, taken from “Turandot”. the result is so emotional! Feel free to sing with these kids!

Io resto a casa, Yo me quedo en casa, Reste chez toi, Stay home!