Desperately Seeking Yeast

Itaky as protected area day 17; waiting fr the press conference of the Civil Protection. As days go by we feel more and more this “suspented time” sensation, it seems to last forever and in the meantime you just want this situation to end, just to end!

Experts say we are actually living a kind of war economy. You go to the supermarket with your surviving food list trying to buy long life products . It is a way to have food for almost one week, not perishable and “for every season”. You look for tutorials in order to find recipes that can last almost two days or in the freezer. Luckly we live in the www era and you quite find a solution for any question you could have. I wish it could be the same with this virus!

Water,pasta, milk, meat, prosciutto, parmigiano, olive oil, vegetables…the basic for our meals so you go, wait patiently in line and you fill your cart. We are lucky in doing this, don’t get me wrong. I really thank for it even because I had been growing up with history about the lacking of food in Italy after Second World War: “Don’t waste the bread!”

if there is a surprising thing in your food shopping is the fact that sometimes it is quite impossible to find two fundamental ingredients of our cooking: yeast and flour. Quite everybody is trying to make pazza, pizza, biscuits, cakes and bread. It is part of our DNA, it’s spending time.It’s making healthy food. It’s using hands. It is also a way to react, to make this suspended time real, concrete.

This pic was taken yesterday at my district supermarket. No traces of yeast or any kind of flours. We luckly can find them in our tiny, family and local grocieries. Another surprising thing: we are redescovering a sense of neightbourhood to help each other..nobody can win alone.

Io resto a casa, Yo me quedo en casa, Stay home, Je reste chez moi.