Give us our daily bread…

(Italy as a protected area day 9)

Italy as protected area day 9…when I write these posts it seems that I don’t want to write anything about the numbers of this spread No, it is the contrary: I would like you always to checks all the official information on the Italian Civil Protection site. Every evening at 6 pm there is a press conference giving all the information about. And since the beginning of the spread, it is the most important moment of our day….

This is the link:

And what is happening just get rid of unnecessary things, going directly to basic ones. The fact that in someway you could be a “danger” for the others, not only for yourself, should make you think that life is made of basic, simple things, feelings, moments… I don’t know if everybody can get this aspect, who konows.. maybe now, maybe later,maybe never… For the very first time all over western couuntries we have to face something that is not isolated and far away. This is not only other people bussiness, it is everybody’s.

Why have I choosen this picture with the bread? Because it is the base of our food, our meals…our sense of community. It is very basic: flour, yeast, salt, water…hand, wood, fire… There is a verse in the most important Catholic prayer “Padre Nostro” (our father) ” Give us this day our daily bread “or we have to make our own bread. You can share can put olive oil, jam or Nutella … but nothing is good as the bread just taken out of the owen!

Bread looks to me as a secular and silent prayer, the same one I have when I hear the news, the Civil protection press conference or talk with my friends staying in the first row fighting this…

Io resto a casa, Yo me quedo en casa, Je reste a la maison, Stay home!