(Italy as a protected area day 8)

Italy as a protected area day 8. This morning, talking to a friend of mine living in Belgium, he asked me the sensations I am feeling. Well, so many: –

  • You know that in someway you must take care of your community not moving, standing still…when this period will be over then you can move, work, help
  • Still space: when you go out for food shopping you realise that everythig is still..everybody keeps the distance and when you cross the roads the cars surprisingly stop
  • still time: you don’t know when it is going to finish…for the moment the lockdown almost here in Italy is supposted to finish on 3rd April…then who knows..

But as the quarantine is going on you make a personal countdown…one day less… “if you have to learn how to dance under the rain” (proverb) you find yourself discovering having a talent for quiz shows, finding new solutions in furnitures, the green finger for your plants… I think I will open a little restaurant

In someway we are dealing with a change..whatever it takes…and I have rediscoved the Mikado game, this sticks game where the players have to move the sticks carefully without moving the seems like our community during this have to move very carefully in order not to put the others in danger…and you must be patient.

Io resto a casa, Je reste a la maison, Yo me quedo en casa, I stay at home.