Explaining Coronavirus to kids

(Italy as a protected area day 7)

Italy as protected area day 7. The news are not encouraging not only in Italy but all over the world. How could we explain to kids what it is happening? The webmagazine Ohga! filmed this video with a funny kid explaining what is happening, in a direct and simple way. This video is subtitled in English so please have a look!

We have to stay at home, keep the distance even from our dear ones and

  • stop picking your noise
  • don’t bite your nails
  • if you have to cough or sneeze fon’t use hands but the inner side of your elbows (like dubbing)
  • always wash your hands counting up to twenty

And the big rule! Stay at home, Restez à la maison, Quedate en casa….Io resto a casa!

It is not easy, we must be patient but I always think to doctor, nurses and paramedics and everybody working for us! We must help this way!