When lifes gives you only lemons, you make a lemonade (or Limoncello)

(italy as a protected area day 6)

Italy as protected area day 6. This is the first Sunday of this period of quarantine. Normally you would have woken up later, have a look outside the window to decide if later you would have a walk at the sea shore, do some home cleaning, having a distracted look at the TV running the Pope speech from Saint Peter, in my case gone to my parents place for the usual family Sunday dinner…more relaxed rhytm and the idea that you could slow down 😉

Today…you wake up doing big home cleaning (after this I will do some tutorials on this) , you watch the news running with the updates about the virus spread, you communicate with friends, you find yourself practicing recipes as you were going to “Masterchef”, you are impressed by the fact that the Pope speech is not given by his window but from a church without people around him, you talk with the rest of the family thanks to video calls…well it is as well a relaxed Sunday but now you must slow down..

And you realise how big is a difference between these you Sundays, between a choice and an obligation!

I could make a list of many Italian proverbs about facing difficult times: here we go.

  • When you have only lemos, you make a lemonade (or Limoncello)
  • God sends coldness only if you have the proper clothes (to tell you the truth this is a nearly Springtime day, one of those days you would feel the sun in your face)
  • Life is not dancing in the sun but doing it under the rain
  • If sufference makes you a worst person, it is a waste of time

Ok I stop for now, I could add two more mantras:

  • “Io resto a casa” (I stay at home) the name of the law declared for the emrgency
  • “Tutto andrà bene” (Everything will be fine): it happens to see many children drawings on windows and balconies

And this morning, while I went to the newsstand in a very quick way I took the pictures you can see: a silent city..I have read somewhere “ghost towns”…yeah in someway…I could have counted people outside..no traffic, no sounds, the Civil Protection inviting us to stay at home..so I keep on repeating myself and people around me all the abobe things…we have to go throught this period so we will learn to make lemonade 😉