And Italy called us!

(Italy as a protected area day 5)

Italy as protected area day 5. This is a very stange Saturday, the first one of the quarantine. A silent one…very strange.. We stay at home, we clean,we cook, we communicate thought videocalls…The net is helping us someway to overcome the distance.

There is an Italian motto saying that we are all saints, our soccer national team coaches, sailors…and singers! Well yesterday we have a touching flashmob. All around Italy, we went on our balconies, we opened the windows we we sang our national anthem “Fratelli d’Italia” (brothers)… and one verse says “L’Italia chiamò”…Italy called us…These flash mobs are going on all the quaratine period: today at 12 am we did the same clapping for our medical system to thank all og them-For now they are some ways to say “grazie”.

Not only Italy: China, South Korea, Iran, Italy…and now Spain, France, Germany…USA…In many posts on Facebook I read solidarity…sometimes I read “This is not going to happen to us…”. Italy sometimes can be a difficult place to live in but we are lucky to have a national public health system. In this difficult days we have to thank doctors, nurses, auxuiliaries…everybody that keeps fighting versus this virus.

This is an extraordinary event. In our western world we thought that we wouldn’t have coped with anything like this but it happened. It could happen everywhere, this is the point. And if we have lessons to be learned one of them is just saying that virus hasn’t borders. That’s it.

And we are coming together!

Please have a look and sing with us.Click on the link .From Sky TG24: