The sound of silence…

(Italy as a protected area day 4)

In our cities we are totally overwhelmed by noises (cars, people, works…) so walking in the steets, during these “stay at home” days is really unreal. Few people walking only, we can go out only for food shopping, health reasons or going to the work. We keep on repeating “Io sto a casa” with limited social interactions. If you just open the window you don’t hear voices or sounds.

The one in the pic is one of the most important squares in my city Livorno. Normally, it is a place with many sounds: the students going to the local library, mothers, dads and their kids playing, restaurants and cafeterias.These latters are shut down and the few people you can see cross quickly.

The squares, the cafeteries, socialising is something big in our DNA but we are using other places and ways to meet. We can’t hug each other for now but we can look each other in the eyes. We have to say “grazie” to Whatsapp or Skype. Despite of the forced distance we can comunicate and we rediscover the pleasure of written messages. I mean our great grandparents were asked to stay divided because of a war, communicating only with letters and postcards. We can see each other from every place in the word.

But all these useful means cannot even take the place ofa concrete square, a real meeting, a good meal shared together. We will be back soon 😉