Queueing at the supermarket…

(Italy as protected area day 3)

Italy as a protected area day 3…I know it is a kind of countdown but mentally is like this. Yesterday the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced even more strict rules . The shops or activities that are not primary (like food or pharmacies) will be closed until 25th March in order to avoid unnecessary movements.

As Giuseppe Conte said: “We have to keep the distance so we can hug again tomorrow”…Psicologically it is a very big challenge even thought the majority of the Italians are now realising in a concrete way the risks, the fact that we are trying to avoid the Coronavirus spread in order not to make our public health system collapse.

“I stay at home” . This is the name of this phase we are facing. On every Italian tv channels, radios and even on socials we keep on repeating this. “Io sto a casa”. You can imagine in a country really family based like Italy it is not so easy not to visit your ancient parents or other family members. Many granparents are now getting necessarily more technological. Facetime or Skype are now our daily conversations asking “Are you ok? What have you eaten?” . Food is a way to show love…An Italian mum always asks if you eaten and what. I know, it could be a stereotype but in moments like this it is so nice to hear this question.

My today photodiary portraits the waiting line I have done this morning to enter the supermarket. Everybody keeping the distance , everybody in line, people helping each other and not bothering…the sistuation is unreal: only few cars or moped in the streets, sometimes total silence…And after 6 pm every shop is closed.

Missing our daily life 😉 But we stay at home 😉