The Market

(Italy as protected area, day 2)

Italy as a protected area day 2. Today I have been to the local food market, this is one of the reasons we are permitted to stay outside. We must have a self certification where in case the police stops us we declare what we are doing and they are going to check. We have three reasons to stay outside: 1) food shopping (only one person for family) 2) health reasons 3) work . If you are controlled and you don’t have any of these reasons you can risk the jail.

Daily life turned upside down literally in one week time and so daily things have change. You have to keep a social distance of 1 meter, no hugs or kissing, shaking hands…As Italian we have a strong body communication so it is quite hard not to do so but we have just to find new ways to communicate.

Today I have been to the local food market, normally is one of the most lively place in Livorno, full of people buying fruit and vegetables, sellers shouting “Carciofi” (artichokes) or any kind of green thing on the Tuscan soil (it is a farm to table market) …In a day where you have to limit your social interactions it has been a moment of serenity…but as you can see from the pic today the market was quite empty.

What you can do when you have to stay in your flat waiting for the 3rd April? Apart from watching tv, cooking, cleaning, surfing on the net? Many things my dears but we will have time to talk about them 😉 I mean…our ancestors were asked to take part in a war…we can stay at home for three weeks in order not to spread the virus 😉