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(Italy as a protected area day 1)

Italy as a protected area day 1. As you know Italy must respect a forced quarantine or in law terms we are a “protected area”, We can only move, even in our own city, for specific and primary reasons: work, health ones, our meal shopping in grocieries or serious family matters. Yesterday evening, listening to our Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte was not an easy moment because we should be conscious that these emergency measures aim at reducing the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Schools, universisties, museums, cinema, theatres, gyms and all crowded places are closed …Nor hugging or kissing…changing our daily life in a two weeks time…

For now, this will be valid up to April, 3rd…and we hope to be back to our daily life soon…We keep on repeating like a mantra: ” Everything is going to be fine but stay at home”. Everybody is experiencing many feelings in contrast. And you fell powerless in front of something you can’t control.

You must limit your social life rather while you feel responsible because you know that our Public Health System is under pressure. Last but not last, of course being a free lance tour guide I have some thoughts about my work. Tourism is one of the maor economical sources of our economy…But now as a result of this situation, we have to stop: it is not easy to tell but we have to stop to solve it.

Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is fear walking “. This morning reading Susan David’s newsletter I have found that this sentece just describes my sensations. To tell you the truth I don’t like faking things, situations or feeling.Here they are and you cope and face them with your character, moods…trying not to force yourself to be Wonder Woman…we live in a different way…we have to rediscover again a sense of communities that sometimes we I have gone to the supermarket and everybody seemed to be cooperative, queuing, helping each others, giving information…a kind of unusual situation but maybe we should use it as a lesson 😉

To describe this sensation in a visual way I choose this pic: a fisherman repairing his net..Net as this sense of community, taking care…

I will try to update you with a kind of “diary” of this quarantine and giving you useful information…Take care (in every sense) <3

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