The Little Fisherman

(a bronze photography)

(Yesterday I was finishing this post when our first prime minister Giuseppe Conte told Italy that it became an orange or “protected area”…I have dcided not to change the post reflecting the moods of that moment…)

The things that you can do in a moment where we have to stay at home as precautions is to dedicate yourself to family and friends, a ncessary downshifting and reframing and reproject your work. Florence is known for two of the most important Italian museums, the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia but you go off this “classic” path a good suggestion is the Bargello, the old Florentina jail hosting now an incredible sculpute collection: Doatello, Michelangelo, Giambologna…and then this little bronze boy with his fishing real in his concentration. “The fisherman” or “pescatorino” made by Vincenzo Gemito reflects his love for Naples, his birth city. And the artist loved to represent its stree urchins or “scugnizzi”, the lively soul of the city.

Why do I love this statue? Maybe because it is describing not sn ideal man but a piece of real life, like a modern photography…a bronze one 😉