Daily Life at the Time of a Virus

I know…it is a long time since I last wrote on this blog but lazyness, thisngs of life…and here we are again ๐Ÿ˜‰ As you know Italy is not facing the easiest of its time: we are facing and trying to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in the country…The Italian Governament has taken some strict decisions like closing the schools, when outside we should keep a 1 meter distance, we should avoid kissing or hugging whan we greet (and you can imagine how difficult is for us..) …well our life simply has changes in 15 days…well we should cooperate in order to try to sort this situation out. In moments like this you simply appreciate your missing daily life, we have to change our behaviour and we know that we simply have to do it, or we almost try…you could imagine that we our worried for the ill people and the economical crisis we are going to face I am not a virologist or a doctor, I hope it will be over in a short amount of time…I really appreciate our Public Health System that is free for everybody…and maybe we should try to use this “forced vacation” in order to go back to the basic and essential things of life…like talking, taking care, friends & family, a walk by the sea…cappuccino and a flufy cake!