Street art in Florence ;-) Tommaso Brogini

Here we are! Back again 😉 The high season at end, cozy atmospheres and Christmas Eve on the way. It is time to recharge the batteries, to relax but also to study and update, also my blog! Going back on writing, choosing pictures and describing my territory.

One of the things I love the most to show the clients that have a guided tour in Florence with me, it’s street art. Of course this city is a giant art school, you can se, feel, hear and touch art everywhere…you can even taste but cooking is another kind of art 😉

This summer, very close to the Straw Market, I was caught by these two giant chalk paintings, two reproductions of  Steve McCurry famous covers of the Afghan Girl, the symbol of the National Geographic. As I do love Steve McCurry, photography and the National Geographic I had to stop. The smiling artist that was working on these paintings  is Tommaso Brogini.

His story is a an incredible example of how to overcome a very difficult moment in life. On 28th April 1993 Tommaso had a car accident thet put him in coma for a month: to regain the use of his right hand Tommaso began to sketch and so a new path arrived for him because he decided to make paint his life. He opened his Atelier in San Niccolò, one of the truest Florentine districts, full of little and ancient handscraft ateliers, a place where you just breath art. In his studio you can find Tommaso drawing, painting or giving art classes.

So when you wander in the city just stop and admire these incredible artists that show their abilities.

And if you click  here you can find his website 😉