Magical Sunset ;-)

(summertime is on the way...)

I know, it has been a long time since I wrote the last post ;-(  But I have taken this time to study, take pictures and the most important thing, taking care of my life. And winter time is necessary to recharge the batteries.

We have had a real winter with cold temperature but last week we had a sudden change in the temperatures, just jumping from 12 to 27 degrees, from heavy jumpers to t-shirts! And so we begin to live outdoor, breathing, looking at the sea horizon and waiting to swim into the sea.

My city Livorno has a wonderful sea promenade so everytime is possible I walk there and two days ago that was the sunset 😉 Summer is on the way and if you visit Italy do as Italains do…enjoy staying outdoor, have your meals late in the evening, share the good company of family and friends…and take deep breaths wherever you are (sea, countryside or montains)

The very first sunset of the season