The Tissue Wonder!

(Anna's tissue world)

One of the things I love the most about my job is to discover the handscraft workshops where talented artists work wood, leather, tissues...evrything which is connected with handmade! Maybe it is because I have still to discover my hidden talents in this sense 😉 Apart from joking I just admire who is able to create with hands maybe coming from my mum's ability in embroidery.

I met Anna many years ago, when I began to work as a tour leader for the ships arriving in Livorno. Since the very first times I enjoyed her company and her very ironic sense of life. She was born in the "deep north" of Italy, in Milan and she studied in Brera, one of the most know academies of fine arts we have in Italy. She also lived with her family in Costarica and when she came back to Italy they settled in a nice country town in the province of Pisa called Riparbella.

Her love for tissues is still the thin red line that links Anna's passion and art. So she created "Tessuti Manomessi" (tampered tissues), her workshop where Anna creates her tissue accessories inspired to flowers (tulips, poppies, daisies....).  The colours could remind an explosion also because of the painting technique called "tye dye"...and so Anna creates roses, bags, bracelets, necklaces....and her cats help her in doing this!

Of course here some pics!

An entire rainbow of tissues necklaces 😉

Well a weeding cake made of tissues flowers! These real pictures were taken when Anna inaugurated her new atelier and gives you an idea of her creativity! And if you find yourself in Riparbella please look for Anna's atelier in town: you can walk in a tissue field (just look at the pic).

Anna's website:  Tessuti Manomessi