Food & pics: what a passion!

(eating also with eyes)

It is a long time since I have written my last post but this period is our low season, so I take time to relax, dedicate myself to my dear ones and passions and also to read, study and doing some courses. Never taken for granted what I have studied for my guide course, I also follow my passions in trying to describe Florence or my city Livorno: I always invite people to use their senses in order to create their own memories and food is one of the best ways to develop them. I have also another great passion: photography. To tell you the truth I am not a tecnical photographer, I would say I use my instict to take a pic. Looking at my pics I can see they are not perfect but they remind me a sensation, a moment...and so also in my guiding I invite people to do the same.

Food & photography mixed together in food photography are one of my passions: well I do love David Loftus, Jamie Oliver's photographer, Emiko Davies, Giulia Scarpaleggia...So two weekends ago I took my bag and I went to Colle Val d'Elsa, a nice town in the province of Siena,  to follow a course with Giulia Scarpaleggia and Rossella Venezia, one of the most important Italian food photographers.

Finally I saw the "Juls Kitchen Studio" where Giulia and her companion Tommaso do their cooking classes and met Noa, the wonderful white dog which is quite always present in Giulia's post. I sincerely admire this young Tuscan lady because she transformed her cooking dream into a solid reality. I have already written about her: The voice of a Food Blogger

And then I met also Rossella, known for her cooking and photo blog, her books. It was the occasion to think about about the role of photography in my life and also in my guide work: storytelling.emotions and to communicate in an immediate way.

Holding my camera in my hand, or my mobile to take pics, trying to find details or just take the picture my own way had been a good exercise, also when Rossella suggested me to change the lens of my camera. Sometimes when you are accustumed to see things in one way and you make an effort to work it out, it is enough to change just a little detail to find new ways to see people, situations and things. A metaphor also for my guiding work: the visit is always a connection between the guide and the people you visit the city with, you have to change your "lens" sometimes to make them appreciate what is around.

But this was a food photography course so please enjoy!

First of all introducing Noa, the white Maremma sheepdog that controls that everything is going fine

Some cooking books to feel the course 😉

Let's beging with a classical big donut...I know I can make it better!

Ok...let's change the lense! Otherwise you can't "eat" this delicious orange cake! Thanks Rossella for helping me!

A new way of seeing this orange cake! Trust me it was also delicious so I will ask Giulia the recipe, hoping it is not a secret one! And I love orange too!

Well I do not want to show you the entire collection of my pics: I can tell you I really enjoy the company, the course, the people. Putting myself on a trial from this point of view it helped me a lot. But an Italian meal, and expecially the Tuscan one, is not complete without a good plateof pasta and then meat. So the following ones are Giulia's ravioli and pork loin: I love the natural light wrapping the food...and do not forget a good glass of wine!

Of course we ended the photo session eating all this good stuff! A pleasure for all the senses or in a more practical way very yummy food! I really appreciate having these two days for me, focussing on two of my passions...and I end this post with:

  • the links to Giulia and Rossella's sites (just in case you would like to have the same experience):                   - Giulia Scarpaleggia's Juls'Kitchen                                                                                                                               - Rossella Venezia    Vaniglia Storie di Cucina

I promise I will ask Giulia the recipes! And now...ok one more pic I am really proud of! The detail of the Vanilla stick on the orange cake!