“What’s the sea? It’s life” Massimiliano’s life story

(people from livorno)

Christmas time is always a good time for inspiring stories so this time I will dedicate a post to a fellow citizen, Massimiliano Mattei, born in 1976 and a true champion not only in sport but xpecially in life. He studied as a chef, he worked also in the Philippines and he has always loved surf.

When he was 27, a moto accident changed his life: he had to see life from a new perspective. But he didn't lose  his surf passion. So he bought a surf board and thanks to some friends, he adapted it. His passion is so strong that Massimiliano created "Surf 4all" project, the first Italian adaptive surf school (here you can find the Facebook page  Surf4all  ). 

But Massimiliano's passion can go beyond: last year he decided to take part to the ISA adaptive surf world championship, luckly he found some sponsors and he reached the 7th place. This year he was called by the national Italian team, this time reaching the 4th place.

Now let's cross the fingers for the 2018 ISA Championship and the next Olympic Games in 2020.

To introduce you Massimiliano and his dream the Italian edition of "Vanity Fair" followed him before San Diego championship, I know it is in Italian but images can tell you more than words "What's sea?  It's life"

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