Boxing Day!

(i wish you a merry christmas....)

Have you had a serene Christmas? Here in Tuscany is raining and a cloudy day, one of those days you relax! Babbo Natale or better Santa Claus just passed with his gifts, here in Italy everywhere we have just run a food marathon...and the New Year's Eve is on the way! VH1 is running Christmas videos...I know is not a touristic topic but it is daily life 😉 I will share some Christmas pics...and I wish you a merry Christmas! Buon Natale!

All I want for Christmas is serenity 😉

Breakfast and a morning breakfast with friends and family on the Terrazza Mascagni on a sunny day! Or also in a raining one, life is walking and going on!

Each year I make myself a promise: to take some SUP lessons. Here a brave man doing this in the Fossi Medicei in Livorno!