Reading in the history! Livorno new library at Bottini dell’Olio

(not only Florence)

Livorno, my city, can surprise you in many ways! In its historical district called "La Venezia" there is a very important structure, commissioned by the Medici family in 1705, called "Bottini dell'Olio". The main purpose of this building was to stock oil ("bottino" is the an Italian word for tank), then it became a storage place also for food. In the XIX century it lost this fuctions because the Navicelli channel (part of the channel navigation system used in Livorno) was buried and so the building had no connection with the harbour. During the Second World War the "Bottini" were damaged and it the latest years the building was used as a part of the local library system.

The city needed a new library structure so in 2013 the renovation was begun and on the 16th december 2017 the new library of the city was inaugurated. A 2000 m2 surface with two big halls, a welcome area with the desk where you can ask for the information you need, a study area with 140 seats, 8 internet posts...a modern library where you can really actually walk between the scaffoldings full of books, paintings and pictures of many artists coming from this city.

The entrance doors, facing Piazza del Logo Pio, the main square of La Venezia district.

The glass ceiling showing the sky upon Livorno 😉

The desk of the welcome area. For the tourists arriving in Livorno, you can ask the employees to help you with the Internet places. You can use them for free but ask them about the procedures and the times. The library is close to "Stazione Marittima" (the Cruise Terminal) and to Piazza Grande, the place where normally the shuttle buses from the cruises arrive in the city downtown.

So you can bring here your pc or tablet and look at them, in case you need to plug them remind the adaptor 😉

One of my favourite section; the photo books.

Pretty soon we hope that a bistrot- cafeteria will be opened and also the "Museo della Città", a museum that will tell the story of Leghorn.  So the Bottini building will be a very nice cultural area not only the people from Livorno can enjoy and take advantage of.

Ops! Of course I can't forget the opening times

Mon- Sat  8.30 am-  7.30 pm

Sun   10.00 am-7.00 pm