my peanuts nativity

(it's christmas time)
One week to go and it will be Christamas! Well to tell you the truth I am starting feeling the atmosphere right now, seeing the friends and telling them "I wish you a merry Christmas", eating "pandoro", "panettone" and "panforte"...well I am just noticing that my three favourites Italian Christmas cake begin with the "pan" the Italian word for "bread"=pane. Ok stop with this philology lesson 😉 In Italy we have a very ancient tradition about the nativity scenes. It is said that the very first one was created by San Francesco d'Assisi and since then the little Jesus birth scene has an important role in our festivity. All around Tuscany  you can find living nativities, acted by local people expecially in the old little towns. Last Monday I was just having a walk here in Livorno and I saw this window full of some "strange" statuettes with Peanuts and Walt Disney characters as shepards, the Holy Family and I saw this.... Love at first sight! I have always loved Peanuts, their irony, expecially Snoopy...and seeing this scene made me smile. A family, maybe a not conventional one but open, caring and welcoming! And I discovered this American artist called Jim Shore.  
Maybe in this nativity I find pieces of my jobs: travellers from all over the world, with different curiosities about what they are visiting 😉 And now let's go and sing some Christmas carols! Here you can find   Jim Shore