The kids wondertaxi!

(tuscan people)

In Florence there is one of the most known Italian public paediatric hospitals, a national reference for complex cases. This hospital is called Meyer and gives care and assistance to very young patients and their families.

While you are in Florence it can happen to see a very colourful taxi, called "Milano 25" with some comics on it. Inside it is full of toys, used by some special clients, and the taxi driver is a cheerful and blond lady called Caterina. She is always dressed with some bright dresses and a big straw hat. She says she must dress like this for her special clients, to give them a smile!

Caterinal had a "normal" life until 2001 when her companion Stafano, a taxi driver died for a cancer and he left his taxi as legacy. In 2002 the turning point: a family entered in her taxi and the young daughter Costanza, told Caterina their history. Her brother Tommaso died for a brain cancer. Since then Caterina decided to give free rides to the young patients and carrying regular clients around Florence. 

Caterina with her energy has involved a big network of people around her sunny taxi, overcoming the local bureocracy in order to go on with her projects. For many families she is a reference, becoming quite an auntie for the kids. She visits them, she plays with them and helps the families. It is a way to remeber her companion and to give these kids a moment to detach from their illness.

On 7th December Gaia Pianigiani wrote an article about this incredible taxi on "New York Times": as reported and to give the idea of how special is Caterina's help, a new version of Monopoly game with famous figues of Tuscany has been released, including her 😉 Here you can read this insiping story!           But don't call her a kind of Patch Adams, she consider herself a taxi therapist 😉                                                                                      ‘Taxi Therapy’ for Young Cancer Patients in Italy" 

So thanks Caterina for what you are doing!  And here you can find Caterina's onlus site     Milano 25