Blub: Art can swim!

(just put a mask on botticelli)

The importance of art in Florence is also shown in street art! While walking in Florence you find this "new" art everywhere...and we begin our trip inside it with Blub, a florentine artist that enjoys portraing famus people and paintings with underwater masks! His motto is "l'arte sa nuotare" that means "art can swim": I have read in an interview that Blub puts the masks to the people he is portraying because "in a period of crisis you have to swim, you put a mask and you learn to swim".

We can make our own street art safari in Florence downtown. So please always your camera with you and be ready to enjoy this underwater art! You have to spot the gas counters and sometimes you find new underwater people in town!

Let's begin with the master....Salvador Dalì!

An underwater poet, William Shakespeare

An ironic Nelson Mandela!

Underwater science! Galileo Galilei!

Pablo Picasso saying hello!

An elegant Giorgio Armani!

Gabo or better Gabriel Garcia Marquez smiling!

And Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg kissing in one of the most iconic scenes of "La Dolce Vita".


Well that's all for now! Of course we will go on with this street art map!

So thanks to Blub and his masks! You can follow him thanks to