It’s Christmas light!

(jingle bells florence)

Well, just exactly 1 month to Christmas days and our cities can't escape the atmosphere! Also Florence and its downtown must follow this "rule"! Every year the building that nowadays hosts the florentine branch of "La Rinascente", the most elegant department store, is always covered by a thick net of lights that makes it shining!

So this thick net is a calendar sign Christmas is on the way! And Piazza della Repubblica enriches itself of a new detail!

So this evening it appeared like above.

Just let me find in my old pics a night view!

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What an effect! Let me check something else: the following one was the "Mercato Centrale" (central market) light decoration in 2015.

And now let's finish with a sign of good luck....a star showing us the way! Just enjoy this period with the ones you love!