Emiko and her “Silver Coast”

(not only Florence)

Three little reasons to write this post:

  1. I love Argentario, the Silver Coast, the southermmost part of Tuscany, I would say the wildest side, olive trees, wheat fields, little country towns, sea, sky and Giglio and Giannutri Islands in front of it. The Silver Coast is part of Maremma, the southern coastal area of Tuscany.
  2. I looooove cookbooks with many photos, I love the pictures that show you the final plate and so "you can also eat with eyes". I love touching the rough paper and travel with tastes
  3. Emiko Davies is one of the best foodbloggers to follow. Half Japanese half Australian, she fell in love with Florence, not only because she met her husband there but because she felt in love with the Italian regional cuisine. In her site you can find not only her recipes, but many mini guides to visit many Italian cities, her events and her cooking classes (one day I will took one, it is on my list).  Here for example you cand find the one dedicated to Livorno The Tuscan Coast . HAve a look at that!

I just have an addiction to photo and cookbooks, expecially when you hold in your hand a book that has an  heavy paper cover, rough paper pages, giant pictures...To tell you the truth when I enter in a bookshop I look like "Alice in Wonderland" , of course I have to resist the temptation to buy a book.

But this time I couldn't resist! I follow Emiko's blog, I love Argentario and this is also an occasion to know and study more about the traditional Tuscan cuisine, part of my work. So I bought "Acquacotta".

The cover is just the beginning of this trip in the wild Argentario! A little sea bay, wooden and colourful boats anchored to the beach...and being the wild side of Tuscany, also cuisine is a reflection of that, using local products like wild boar meat, chestnuts...and I really appreciate the way that Emiko has to describe not only food but also daily life and the people she met, the locales!

Five chapters to discover this Silver place! I will name one recipe for each chapter, according to my personal tastes 😉

  • from the Woods       Chickpea and Chestnut Soup
  • from the Sea and the Lagoon  Octopus and Potato Braise
  • from the Vegetable Patch   Fried Artichoke Omelette
  • from the Farmhouse   Farro (Spelt) Soup
  • cakes   Lemon and Ricotta Cake

On the way some stops in Saturnia, Orbetello, Capalbio, Pitigliano....

You will like the sense of intimacy this cookbook gives: some of the picture portraits Emiko and her family in daily moments, drinking a coffèe or holding a giant mushroom!

I just adore this picture of Emiko's daughter handling in a delicate way this giant mushroom! 

But what is "Acquacotta"? 

So "Acquacotta" is an old recipe from Maremma, the name simpky means "cooked water". In Maremma, it was derived by the poorest people like the colliers, farmes and shepards and it was a way to make stale and hardened bread edible with leftover food. Nowadays we had many variations, depending on the seasonal products you find in the area.

Of course Emiko's blog link here  Emiko Davies

Well, in a month it will be Christmas time, so please Santa Claus bring me some others cookbook 😉