Just a sunny Fortress Monday in Livorno!

(not only Florence)

Livorno, Monday morning. It is not high season so we, tour guides, we can have more free time to see also the cities we live or we work in a more relaxed mood. I would describe my city as a slow city, a city you have to discover not in a hurry ...

The world "monday" is usually linked with negative sensations..just to name two songs "Manic Mondays" by Bangles or "I don't like Monday" by Boomtown Rats, but this morning it was just a sunny one. A good cappuccino and "sfoglia" (the fluffy breakfast pastry) and then had a walk in downtown and I decided to have a walk in the "Fortezza Nuova", the fortress commissioned by the Medici family to Berbardo Buontalenti, one of the most important architects of the XVI century. 

All along the channels you can see some buildings decored and painted with bright and living colours. They belonged to important merchant families that had their own private basements where the little ships could arrive and deposit the stuff they sold. 

Being a sea city, a fisherman is repairing the nets. When I see these people doing this work I always admire their delicacy in doing this, treating the nets as the most precious thing they have!

The three little arches brigde, the entrance to the fortress!

The basements now are used by our districts for the rowing contests we have, expecially in summertime (Palio Marinaro...)...boats still in bright colours to be visible from a far point of view....still a living tradition of this city....You can have a look here (sorry the site is only in Italian)  Gare Remiere Livorno

And we end with a stunning view from the fortress...All the bright buildings, at the back Piazza Garibaldi...but above all the reflections on the water surface, like a natural mirror.

So enjoy Livorno on a Monday morning!