The Tuscan Sunflower Guide it’s me ;-)

(wh questions time)

Talking about yourself is not an easy task but I would like to introduce you some nice people I admire or I work with so I have to give the good example! When I was a kid one of my dreams was to become a journalist or a photographer, as you can see I do a different job but I think also being a tour guide has something in common with these previous two: curiosity, not taking for granted what is going on around you, a good sense of irony (well of course this is my personal idea)…I could continue the list but let’s go on with the “interview”.

The Wh questions will help me in doing this 😉

Who are you?

Well you are reading my site so you know that my name is Francesca 😉 I am called in many ways depending on family, friends, and the country I am visiting…so it could be Fran, Franci, Francisca, Paki…. And I am a licensed tour guide for Florence and its province. I love travelling, photography, reading, walking, the sea, food and wine… and of course music! Some songs that represents me is “Ironic” by Alanis Morisette , ” Via con me” by  Paolo Conte y “Gracias a la vida” de Violeta Parra, I adore Isabel Allende’s first book expecially “De Amor y de sombra”…



What do you do? Where?

These two Wh are necessarily linked together because I am a tour guide 😉

I am a licensed tour guide : for doing this I enrolled an official tour guide course and I passed a series of exams in order to get the official license. I visit Florence with people who are intersted in discovering this wonderful place, people, that are here for an holiday, who stay only one day… we visit together the city, its monuments, its museums., we discover flavours, colours..What I like the most in doing this is to show them why this place is so special, not only because of the Medici, the Renaissance…but also because there are some hidden treasure like San Niccolo district….a mix between famous and daily things!

But I was born in Livorno, the sea harbour and I really love Maremma, the southernmost part of Tuscany, mixing sea, nature, history…maybe this part of Tuscany is not known as Florence or the Tuscan countryside but for this reason will reserve you great emotions!



When did you become a tour guide?

Well this is one of the biggest coincidence of my life. To cut a long story short it happened that in a difficult time of my life, I just started from my greatest passions…I studied Languages at high school and at University, I lived a great experience in Australia as exchange student, I had already worked in tourism, I loved the place I have been lucky to be born and to live, his history..and so I told myself “Why not?”


Why visit Tuscany?

I could tell and invite you to visit Tuscany for many reasons: art, history, science, Vespa moped, food and wines….but I would like to suggest you to discover it also in a relaxed way, detaching from our daily life rush!

Thank you for the your time in reading it! Mamma mia..I can’t forget this WH question “Why this site is called The Tuscan Sunflower Guide”?…Ok I can tell you that Tuscany is overwhelmed by sunflowers in summer, that is my favourite flower, that I love orange and yellow…Of course these are some reasons but there is another one: during the winter time sunflower stem don’t  fall down…a symbol: in difficult times you must go on 😉