windows and doors!

(just look around yourself ,-) )

Every country has is own way to make windows and to make light enter into a flat or a house.  And also the doors gives you some information about people's daily life. Here in Tuscany and also elsewhere in Italy, we have this big windows protected by wooden shutters and we sometimes they are decored with a personal touch, giving the idea of who is living inside.

And above a "flower"window in Greve in Chianti (Firenze), in the Chianti area. It is a way to use the little space that sometimes we have in our flats

A wooden and massive wooden door at "Le terme di Sassetta", the fairy  termal spa in Poggio Neri forest park close to Sassetta (Livorno)  - if you find yourself in the area, take a day off and relax, in this little spa amongst chestnut and oak woods. You can also enjoy their restaurant where you can eat food and drink the wine produced in their biological farm. I just love it because you are really in contact with nature, water, trees and sky. Here you can have a look     Terme di Sassetta   ) . So this rough wooden door gives me the sensation of this wonder place.

And this lively and bright window in Siena! In the austere and middel age little streets you find flashes of colours, also because of the laundry hanging out at the sun or in the rain ;-). 


But don't forget: here in Tuscany we have some special windows: you knock on them could appear (read this post The Wine Windows  )