Elena Ferrante’s Naples : a photo wandering guide!

(not only Tuscany)
A novel, a book, a song...sometimes can be the excuse to plan a visit! Sometimes we travel in cities or places thanks to TV series, movies or pages. Personallythe first Isabel Allende's books made me wish to take a plane and visit Chile, I fell in love with Australia thanks to INXS and Nick Cave, Jane Austen "Pride and Prejudice" and the movie with Keira Knightley just put on my personal list Derbishire.....well ok the list is long!
In Florence you can take an "Inferno" tour inspired by Dan Brown's book and the movie with Tom Hanks starring as Robert Lagdon and running from Boboli's Garden to Palazzo Vecchio. We have already talked about E.M. Foster's " A room with a view" and its 1985 movie adaptation by James Ivory (here you can read about it   A room with a view ) , the TV series dedicated to the Medici family....and we wil talk about them. But many of the people visiting Florence, they travel from south to north or viceversa and so some good inspirations!
Elena Ferrante is one of the best known writers in Italy. The "Brilliant Friend" saga is known everywhere in the world and it is a good way to know the popular soul of this incredible place, its contradictions, its sounds, flavours and colours. "The Guardian" proposed a photo guide that can help you in walking on the same footsteps as Lenu and Lila, their vivid map of this city! Ready to read this? Here the link Elena Farrante's Naples- A Photo Essay   So thanks to Sophia Seymor and Giuseppe di Vaio for this living  tribute!