The voice of a food writer (or of a tour guide)!

I have been reading " Juls'Kitchen" for years and I have met Giulia in many occasions, from cooking classes to a food writing seminar last September.

One of the things I like most about Giulia is her concrete and direct way to describe a plate or food, not giving an impersonal list of ingredients but trying to evoque the reader a memory or an atmosphere. And during this last seminar I focalised myself on the "voice" theme, maybe because the voice is a fundamental tool for a tour guide. So her latest post on a food writer's voice just makes me thing about my own work.

I know that often I will be the only guide in Florence or in the whole Italian trip so I always try not only to give a list of dates, styles or names. Personally I love the guides that not only explains the why this painting, statue or church is so special, the stories behing them, what locals do in their everyday life...

My voice in tour guiding depends also on the group I am working with, it must be a dialogue but my personal voice is to make what you are observing accessible, intimate. Living an experience like being an exchange student in Australia learnt me that there are so many ways to communicate  a thing, a feeling, a situation but you have your personal one. It is dialogue.

So now enjoy Giulia's article:  Writing about food in Italy. From domestic storytellers to food writers