Livorno portraits

(people from livorno)

When I walk in a city I always observe the people working, expecially the old ones. I just imagine they have a special knowlegde and they take care of what they are doing. I always ask them sorry to take picture of them but personally I think photography is a great way to preserve memories and their stories. I would always like to ask them about their personal history, sometimes I do that...sometimes I have to imagine them.

If you go to "Mercato Centrale"there s a gentle lady selling eggs. She is always dress in white, or almost the times I see her. She handles eggs in a very king and gentle way, she seems to protect them with her strong hands..


In Piazza Cavallotti you find the grocers: fruits and vegetables everywhere! And you hera the seller shouting "Bella Bimba, you find here the most wonderful tomatos in the world". Of course when you hera "bella bimba" (this a typical expression here in Livorno "good looking girl") you just smile, this is the soul of this city. And you find funny people around like one of my favourite grocers. I call him the "hat greengrocer", quite alway smiling and giving you good advices on the vegetable he sells.

And in Italy we can't escape from chilli peppers, garlic and onions so mayve our seller with the Italian flag reminds us thid cooking roots 😉