Happy Zucca! (it is pumpkin Halloween time!)

risotto or dolcetto? that's the problem! happy halloween!

It's Halloween! Also also here in Italy we are covered by orange pumpkins everywhere, real yummy and vegetable ones (and to tell tou the truth I see them more in a risotto than a faced one with curved eyes and a mouth) and also marzipan ones called "fruttini" (little fruits) we use to make for All Saints' day and All Souls' day. What is your favourite one? 😉

Little marzipan pumpkins everywhere! #pumpkin #zucca #marzipan #marzapane #halloween #pasticceria #pastry #cakes #happyhalloween

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Both of them are edible...but just in case you prefer a yummy "risotto" just look at this old post It is Zucca Time       Dolcetto o Scherzetto? Trick or Treat?