Livorno, the place you won’t expect!

(just walk a little bit further!)

For many of the people arriving in Tuscany, Livorno can be the starting point to visit Pisa or Florence or the departure one to cross the sea and go to Sardegna or Corsica, but if have time just explore a little bit this hidden gem (of course I just sponsor it because it's my city). Last Sunday it was broadcast a "filmed visit" around the city on a national tv channel. Also for the not Italian people can transmit the atmosphere the colours of this harbour city, for the tastes and flavours you have to visit it!

Just some curious things about Livorno or Leghorn:

  • 9 kms of coastline
  • one of biggest bridges in Europe calles "Piazza della Repubblica" ( almost 80 meters lange and 200 meters long)
  • 2 fortresses created by tne Medici family, the "Fortezza Vecchia" (the old one) and the "Fortezza Nuova" (the new one)
  • The "Terrazza Mascagni", the walking terrace on the seawalk has almost 4100 little colums to support the balustrade, almost 34000 black and white tiles that cover a 8000 m2 surface
  • Livorno is the hometown of two famous painters like Giovanni Fattori and  Amedeo Modigliani
  • The first eletric cable railway that connects Livorno with Montenero, the most important Tuscan sanctuary, was built in 1908.

So the only thing to do now is to visit it!

Thanks to the narrator, Claudio Marmugi and the director Michele Fabbrini!